Joe Beda

In this episode Rich speaks with one of the creators of the Kubernetes project, Joe Beda. Topics include: KubeCon NA 2022, the Kubernetes Documentary, how the Docker image changed everything, designing early Kubernetes, what Kelsy Hightower brought to the community, founding Heptio and the VMWare acquisition, and what Joe would do differently designing Kubernetes today.
Show notes:


The Kubernetes Documentary: Part 1 | Part 2
Joe’s slides from his 2014 Gluecon talk
Kelsey’s Tetris talk (a later version than the one I saw)
Leigh Capili’s talk on auth and RBAC

Bonus link: Joe sent me this on Twitter after the interview, some notes he wrote on what a production stack should look like, from 2015. 

Listener questions from Bill Mulligan, Bryan Liles, Thomas Güttler, Ross Kukulinski, and Saim Safdar. Thank you!

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Joe Beda
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