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Dave Fogle and Kris Nova

In this episode Rich speaks with Dave Fogle from Civo and Kris Nova from Twilio. Topics include: How Dave’s tweet “From homeless to Kubecon in 7 years” brought us together, Dave and Kris’s stories about how they became homeless, how they took care of their gear, their love of open source software and how they used it to level up, and how they transitioned from being on the street to tech jobs.

Mark Mandel

In this episode Rich speaks with Mark Mandel from Google. Topics include: How Mark started coding, ColdFusion, the early days of Kubernetes and how things have changed for new users, Agones (a Kubernetes-based system for running dedicated game servers), the challenges in game development, secrecy in gaming and how open source is impacting it.


In this episode Rich speaks with David Flanagan (AKA Rawkode) from Equinix Metal. Topics include: How David got started writing code, leading development at a media company, the day Lemmy from Motörhead died, using Mesos and Marathon, how he got the idea for Klustered, some tools he’s learned about through his streams, and what he’s learned about troubleshooting Kubernetes.

Kaslin Fields

In this episode Rich speaks with Kaslin Fields from Google. Topics include: Growing up in a small Appalachian village, how Docker nailed developer experience, live tweeting events, Kaslin’s show Fields Tested on cloudnative.tv, the Kubernetes Contributor Communications team, being a CNCF Ambassador, how the Kubernetes project is organized, Developer Relations, and more.

Kelsey Hightower

In this episode Rich speaks with Kelsey Hightower from Google. Topics include: How Kelsey got into tech, what he learned from owning a computer shop, working at CoreOS, storytelling in tech, dealing with Imposter Syndrome, how Kelsey evaluates tools, Kubernetes the Hard Way, and listener questions.

Brad Geesaman

In this episode Rich speaks with Brad Geesaman from Darkbit.io. Topics include: How awesome the Apple IIe was, how Brad got started in security, is Kubernetes secure by default, cloud security posture management, the trillion dollar topic of software supply chain security, sneaking vulnerabilities into the Linux kernel, some listener questions, and Brad’s picks for KubeCon Europe 2021.

Carolyn Van Slyck

In this episode Rich speaks with Carolyn Van Slyck from Microsoft. Topics include: How Carolyn got started coding, the old Microsoft versus the new Microsoft, getting paid to work in open source, Porter, CLI UX, Git UX, and virtual KubeCons.

André Henry

In this episode Rich speaks with André Henry from Venmo. Topics include: How André’s mom was the first programmer he knew, working at ISPs in the 1990s, why infrastructure engineers love abstractions, Kubernetes is not a PaaS, how Docker nailed developer experience, and what may be coming for distributed computing. There was a recording problem with André’s audio and it’s not the clearest. It’s all Rich’s fault. But bear with it, André has some fascinating things to say.

Marky Jackson

In this episode Rich speaks with Marky Jackson from OpsMX. Topics include: How Marky got started in computing, running k8s at Yahoo!, how we both met Stephen Augustus at hotel bars, Spinnaker and Jenkins, and what the Kubernetes community has meant to Marky’s career and life.

Verónica López

In this episode Rich speaks with Verónica López from Digital Ocean. Topics include: How Verónica learned to love math and computers, her experience working at CoreOS in its heyday, participating on the Kubernetes CI Signal team, working on the API Engineering team at Digital Ocean, and her advice for people that are new to the Kubernetes community.

Duffie Cooley

In this episode Rich speaks with Duffie Cooley, from VMware and TGIK. Topics include: How Duffie got into distributed systems, infrastructure APIs as a force multiplier, Chaos Engineering and SRE, TGIK, kind, Cluster API, and multitenancy.

Stephen Augustus

In this episode Rich speaks with Stephen Augustus, from VMware and SIG release. Topics include: How Stephen got into computing, his first experiences with Kubernetes, working at CoreOS, the Kubernetes release process and how it's improving, and writing Bash in anger.

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